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  • Custom Itineraries

    I have spent thousands of hours creating itineraries… from groups to individuals, wine shops to universities, professors and aviators, magazines, author-lead trips, and myself. Plus, I have traveled extensively through wine regions publishing travel guides, magazines and books for over 20 years. I know how to create a phenomenal itinerary, and I can do this for you.

    We will begin with an interview over the phone where you let me know what you are looking for, how long you want to travel, what you want to do, and how much is your travel budget. I then put together a rough itinerary for you to review and discuss with me. I make adjustments based on your feedback and then I create a tightly defined itinerary. You review and we discuss again and then I finalize the itinerary.

    Currently I am specializing in California, Argentina and Bordeaux France.

    One week itineraries are $1,000
    Each additional week is $500

  • Pre-Planned Itineraries – Argentina

    On many occasions, people have contacted me requesting help creating their travel itinerary. At first, I thought the books provided everything needed to create an itinerary; however, I soon realized that while my books offer an overwhelming number of options, it is not that simple to put together an itinerary… especially a phenomenal itinerary!

    Over 100 hours later, I finally created five unique and interesting itineraries that I would personally love to do myself. I am the author of these books, and have first-hand knowledge of these wine regions, and still, it took over 100 hours to create these itineraries! Now, I fully realize the value of author-created itineraries… to save you much time and provide the inside track to an exceptional adventure.

    Choice of one (1) Itinerary… $99
    All Five Itineraries… $199

    I have created five unique itineraries. My itineraries are designed as one week adventures (nine days with both weekends) with the easy ability to add on and do multiple itineraries, even in the other wine regions if you would like to stay longer. You can choose one itinerary, or you can have all five. Here are the itineraries…

    1) Food Wine Itinerary • One Week (9 days) • Mendoza Provence

    – Exploring Downtown Mendoza and Luján de Cuyo –

    2) Food Wine Itinerary • Additional Week (+7 days) • Mendoza Provence

    – Exploring Valle de Uco and Downtown Mendoza –

    3) Luxury Wine & Spa Itinerary • One Week (9 days) • Mendoza Provence

    – Exploring Downtown Mendoza, Luján de Cuyo and Valle de Uco –

    4) Outdoor Adventure & Wine Itinerary • One Week (9 days) • Salta Provence

    – Exploring Downtown Salta, Cafayate and Molinos –

    5) Food Wine Itinerary • One Week (9 days) • Patagonia Wine Regions

    – Exploring Downtown Neuquén and the Neuquén & Río Negro Wine Regions –