Malbec Aroma Training Class

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Malbec Aroma Training Class


Have you wanted to be able to identify the different aromas you smell in a glass of wine?  And to know the typical aromas for certain grapes and wines?  And to know the differences and distinction?  This class will be a memorable experience as we smell and taste several different Malbec wines from both Argentina and France.

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Our author being interviewed by wine expert Jean-Baptiste Dhalluin about a Malbec Aromatic Training Class.

Check out this video about the class…

Our author is having fun being interviewed by his friend and wine expert extraordinaire Jean-Baptiste Dhalluin about a Malbec Aromatic Training Class next Saturday (3/25) which they are conducting together.

This is a very interesting class smelling the aromas found in Malbec as you taste very distinctive Malbec from different terrors and regions of Argentina (where Malbec thrives), plus Malbec from France (the origins of Malbec).

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