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As a member of our family of wine and travel lovers, you will receive my Insider Secrets into living the good life of having insider contacts for every journey, plus a wealth of valuable wine resources at home. I will connect with you regularly to share the lifestyle of extraordinary trips, wines and culinary experiences. And it should go without saying, I share noteworthy, unusual and phenomenal wines, and how to get great deals on them.

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  • • To Romantic Valentines in the vineyards
  • • On Unique Journeys exploring wine regions around the world
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  • • Custom Design an extraordinary wine trip itinerary
  • • Travel with you and introduce you to awesome
  • • Bring food & wine experiences to you at home

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  • • Is the perfect wine topic speaker / entertainer for your events
  • • Creates phenomenal wine lists for hotels and restaurants
  • • Personally designs your wine collection worth enjoying

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