Bodega Chacra, Trienta Y Dos, Pinot Noir

Passionate about Pinot Noir, Piero Incisa came to Rio Negro eleven years ago from Italy to create a biodynamic farm capable of cultivating the healthiest environment for Pinot Noir grapes. Standing in front of his natural clay brick barn of biodynamic ingredients, Piero is producing wines of extreme elegance, delicate fruit and very clean minerality for a freshness in [...]

Bodega Secreto Patagonico

Sharing the day with Santiago Del Pin, the new winemaker at Bodega Secreto Patagonico, was my entre into the Burgundy France style of Pinot Noir produced here in Neuquen Patagonia. This is the delicate and elegant style I was expecting of Patagonia. Their Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon were also of the same elegant style. The photo is of Santiago [...]