A Cru Bourgeois using screw caps?

A #winespectator Top 100 describing themselves as free thinkers? Absolutely! Chateau d’Agassac in the Haute-Medoc region prides themselves for not following ends, instead respecting its own terroir. A property with a #chateau, vines, moats, and wooded grounds, they are open to the public for a variety of different tours, wine tastings, and events such as meetings, weddings and even concerts! Check them [...]


Châteaus….who doesn’t dream about living in a #Château?? Especially one that looks like this! At @chateaudelussac, you can! This grand castle sits on a limestone plateau with first vines dating all the way back to the Gallo-Roman era!! That’s over 2000 years ago! Château de Lussac not only offer tours and tastings, they also have 4 rooms available….GOLD, WHITE, RED & [...]

Sneak peak…

Sneak peak at what’s coming up for the month of May! Here at Exploring Wine Regions, we are going to share with you some of the best #Châteaus in #Bordeaux France. First up….Château Lascombes sits on the highest knoll in #Margaux producing second growth wines with the assistance of the renowned oenologist Michel Roland. They are open to the public for visits and [...]

Lavinea produces four Pinot Noirs from four different sites.

“Lavinea produces four Pinot Noirs from four different sites. Allowing the vintage to determine both the vineyard management technique and the winemaking practice is a philosophy she applies uniformly to all four Pinot Noirs. For example, Meunier choses 100% de-stemming of the grapes, believing engaging in whole cluster fermentation would require different percentages from each vineyard and each vintage, [...]

Jon Bon Jovi’s wine

“Jon Bon Jovi’s wine, Hampton Water, which he developed with his son Jesse Bongiovi and French winemaker Gerard Bertrand, was recently named the top-ranked rosé of 2018 by Wine Spectator. The vino grabbed the 83rd spot on the list of Top 100 Wines, which only included one other rosé besides Hampton Water. It earned a 90-point rating by the niche [...]

At Château Smith Haut Lafitte.

At Château Smith Haut Lafitte. The sorting of the grapes at harvest is meticulous and extensive. First, the sorting occurs in the vineyard. In the winery little baskets are put through a machine to create a rhythm ideal for the people and machines. Next, the de-stemmer removes the stems delicately to keep the berries full and undamaged. Next is [...]

A grand piano in the wine cellar.

More @salenteinbodega. A grand piano in the wine cellar. Just like you would consider playing classical music to an infant as they are developing at a young age, at Salentein classical music develops the wine in its infancy while it ages in the oak barrels. Wine is living, breathing, developing, aging. #piano #grandpiano #classicalmusic #wine #winecellar #aging #living#breathing #developing #ewr