Heard of these 3? What’s the most important commonality between them? Favorite? Let’s hear your thoughts as we’re working on this section in the book….EXPLORING WINE REGIONS BORDEAUX 2020

Goodbye May

As we say goodbye to May, we close out a fun month of focus on #chateaus with one of our favorites, Chateau Margaux. Classified as a first growth back in 1855, #chateaumargaux, has continued to strive for continued success. And they have continued to impress the world

Château Lagrange

This estate, Château Lagrange, is the largest wine producing estate in Saint Julien with their agriculture dating all the way back to Roman-Gallo times. Today, they combine old school and new school by handpicking at harvest, followed by manual sorting and also with a high-tech optical sorter. Their careful combination of traditional and modern in everything they do, has [...]

3-day Memorial weekend

Happy Friday! Follow us into the 3-day Memorial weekend and enjoy some #bordeaux#wine. Chateau Castera would be a nice escape wouldn’t it? How would you spend your time in this #castle? We want to hear from you! @chateaucastera

Another grand #chateau in Bordeaux.

The month of May continues on with another grand #chateau in Bordeaux. Take a look at the perfection of Chateau Gruaud Larose…the building and the lawn. The sky even cooperated. Their strive for perfection is evident here and in their wines. Open to the public for tours, wine tasting and cooking classes. @gruaud_larose

Dramatic chateau!

Don’t these clouds make this dramatic #chateaulook even more dramatic?? Hard to imagine that there are 17th and 18th century dug caves, spanning 25 kilometers, housing Chateau de La Riviere’s wines here.

Château Paveil de Luze

Château Paveil de Luze is one of the oldest properties in the #Medoc. Purchased by the de Luze family in 1862, they quickly made a name for themselves internationally. They also have a second label wine, Chateau de LaCoste.