Winemakers & Sommeliers

Pomerol at its best!

Pomerol at its best. Meticulous winemaking by Luc Nubout. With a degree and career as a chemist, Luc returned to the family winery, Château @tailhas, his grandfather purchased. Here he poured his passion into his wines. His old wines are just as fresh as his new wines. Beautiful fruit. Elegant. Delicious.

Claes Bartoldsson is the winemaker for Astad Vingård

“Claes Bartoldsson is the winemaker for Astad Vingård, a set of vineyards and winery, as well as guest house and restaurant, located about 60 miles (100 kilometers) south of the city of Gothenburg in southwestern Sweden. He and a consulting oenologist from Germany produce wines from 10 acres (four hectares) of inland vines, as well as on a 2.5-acre [...]

Winemakers tend to put their best bottlings

“Winemakers tend to put their best bottlings—tête de cuvée, they call them—and the best vintages, wines they’re really truly proud of, they’ll put into a large format,” says Joe Robitaille, head sommelier at Bar Boulud in New York City, where he opens one large-format bottle each night to pour by the glass. “And the reason they do that, it’s [...]

Watching a sommelier blindly taste a flight of wines

“Watching a sommelier blindly taste a flight of wines, figuring out their origins right down to the grapevine in a French village, is like watching a magician try to guess your card: You don’t believe it’s possible until they’re right. Then, of course, you want to know how they did it. For master sommeliers, there is no simple explanation. The expert [...]

Winemakers are playing music

Winemakers are playing music to their fermented grapes in an attempt to coax more flavor from the bottles. It sounds odd, but they say the waves help improve the way the wine develops. According to National Geographic, a few wine companies are playing music to their aging barrels. Not just playing music while drinking the wine — I mean actually [...]

From our book!

“As many of you might know, Paul Hobbs is one of the very top wine consultants in the world. He is world renowned as the oenologist to choose if you want to produce extraordinary wines that are notable and distinctive in a class of uncommon quality. And there is proof… perfect 100-point scores for his wines from the esteemed [...]

In 1990 Marcelo Miras caught the attention of…

“Then in 1990, Marcelo Miras caught the attention of Humberto Canale’s third genera on president Guillermo Barzi, who saw a rising star in Marcelo, who started harvesting grapes at age five in San Rafael, Mendoza, received degrees in oenology and frutihorticolas, and then at his first winery job at Vi vinícola Vidaña, he quickly rose to chief winemaker. At [...]