California wine: Making the case for half bottles

For those of us who want a glass or so of wine with dinner, a half bottle seems the perfect size to share. We don’t have to worry about leftovers going bad or the temptation of drinking more than we intended. Sure, dessert wines and ports come in small bottles. Regular wine? Not so much. That seems counterintuitive. Half bottles [...]

A complete list of every president’s favorite drink

In honor of Presidents’ Day, check out every presidents’ favorite drink! You may be surprised 🍷🇺🇸 Founding Father or one-termer, Democrat or Republican, almost every president shared something in common: They drank. In his new book, “Mint Juleps with Teddy Roosevelt: The Complete History of Presidential Drinking” (Regnery), journalist Mark Will-Weber tells the history of presidency through booze. Here, he tells [...]

Jill Barth

Thank You Jill Barth… “If there is one book that impressed me the most this year, by its sheer scope and ambition, it is this one ( Michael C. Higgins has crafted something truly comprehensive in this consultative collection of the people and places of Argentinian wine making…” @jillbarth #happy #love #ewr #wine#travel #books #argentina #malbec @achavalferrer @santiagoachaval


What a time to be a wine critic. I can’t think of many years more exciting to be one than 2016. We rated no less than 20 perfect wines after tasting more than 10,000 bottles, and our Top 10 are all rated 100 points. All the wines in our list were tasted from bottle, so barrel samples were not [...]

Chicago Tribune writes

Chicago Tribune writes: 6 books that make wine taste better… Exploring Wine Regions: Argentina by Michael C. Higgins. This slick soft cover has the look of a well organized travel guide, with short, focused text entries and scores of glossy photographs. It offers a great overview not only of world-famous Mendoza, but also lesser-known growing areas all the way [...]


Winner: BEST TRAVEL & WINE BOOK OF 2016! Exploring Wine Regions – Argentina wins the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. This is very exciting. Please spread the word. Available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, book stores and wine shops, or at