The holiday season is fast approaching.

“The holiday season is fast approaching. If there’s one guarantee (besides heated dinner table “discussions,” and great Aunt Cheryl enjoying one sherry too many), it’s the need for a celebratory beverage. According to Nielsen data, Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the biggest holidays for wine consumption in the U.S. In 2016, the two-week period leading up to New Year’s [...]

According to a 2017 study…

“According to a 2017 study, the Texas wine industry boosts the Texas economy by $13.1 billion. That’s a big boost. Texas wine is important. American wine is important. And some of the finest wines made here, in the United States, are made by first-generation Americans. Individuals who have embraced our country, and our terroir, producing premium products that display [...]

Reports of global wine shortages

“Last October, reports of global wine shortages and looming price hikes surfaced after a notably difficult growing season. The production decline affected nearly every region worldwide, though Europe was hit particularly badly, experiencing its worst grape harvest in over 30 years. This year’s harvest is now all but complete in the Northern Hemisphere, and the emerging reports make for much [...]

Wine Australia CEO Andreas Clark said:

“Wine Australia CEO Andreas Clark said: “Today’s export figures show that there has been strong and sustainable growth over the past 12 months, delivering the third year of double-digit growth on a year ended September basis. “These figures are the result of a lot of hard work by Australia’s 2,401 wine exporters, the people who spend time in market to [...]

Earlier this month…

“Earlier this month, wine professionals throughout the world were shocked to learn that a leak of confidential information led to invalidated results for a key portion of the Master Sommelier Diploma Examination, regarded by many as the wine industry’s most rigorous certification exam. The news is still reverberating through Boston’s tightknit community of sommeliers. Two weeks ago, the board of [...]

When the shouldered wine bottle…

“When the shouldered wine bottle with a cork in it was introduced in 17th century Iberia it made wine shipping more economical. It did this by changing storage aboard ships from wide bottles standing upright taking up horizontal space to vertical stacks of bottles on their side, allowing more wine on board. Cost is still a concern for wine [...]

For decades most U.S. white wines are sweeter than…

“For decades, and to this day, most U.S. white wines are sweeter than they are on the continent. The U.S. today is the largest wine-consuming nation in the world partly as a result of the sale of sweeter chardonnays, sauvignon blancs, pinot gris, rieslings, sparkling wines (even some marked “brut” are anything but dry) and many more.” Do you [...]

If light refreshments are planned for a two-hour function

If light refreshments are planned for a two-hour function, you’ll need about a half-bottle for every person, understanding that very few will consume as much as a half-bottle. Many will try two or three different wines until they find one they like. Whites and rosés tend to be favored, especially for daytime al fresco events. Chardonnay is almost mandatory. And [...]