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Bonsoir and au revoir Bordeaux!

Bonsoir and au revoir Bordeaux. It’s been a wonderful and productive trip. Lots of material for EXPLORING WINE REGIONS BORDEAUX. Lots of great wine. And food. And experiences. Many beautiful new friendship made and connected with old friends. We shall be back very soon.

The shorter-is-better trend is also a huge boon for drinkers.

“The shorter-is-better trend is also a huge boon for drinkers. Micro wine lists are less intimidating and easier to navigate, for sure. Also, there’s no room for error. “The micro list should exist just like a best hits playlist, with every option the best of its kind for value,” says Brandon Borcoman of New York’s Charlie Bird, the competition’s [...]

France’s agriculture minister Didier Guillaume…

“France’s agriculture minister Didier Guillaume has provoked controversy in the country after saying wine is different from other alcohol and rarely can be the cause of binge drinking. The minister’s comments were deemed unhelpful by addiction experts as France is suffering from one of the highest rates of alcohol consumption in Europe, with wine being the most popular drink in [...]

Last year, Napa Valley lost Leslie Rudd…

“Last year, Napa Valley lost Leslie Rudd, a beloved figure and an anchor in the wine industry. Founder and proprietor of his eponymous Oakville wine estate on Oakville Cross Road’s “Golden Mile” (surrounded by luminaries like Screaming Eagle and Dalla Valle), Rudd was a mighty but gentle force in defining what a “First Growth” Napa wine estate should be: [...]

Men and women are obviously different, but…

“Men and women are obviously different, but did you know that this is true even when it comes to how alcohol affects them? There’s a reason why the U.S.D.A. Dietary Guidelines recommend up to two drinks a day for men and up to only one for women: Women have less body water than men, and therefore are more likely [...]

Soap, washing, drying

“Soap, washing, drying. What is the best soap to clean a wine glass? There is none. Wine glasses should not experience the indignity of soap. No matter how much you rinse, soap will leave aroma and tastes. Hot water is the best way to clean a wine glass. Employ a soft rag or sponge if needed. A bit of [...]

An incredible 92% of respondents…

“An incredible 92% of respondents told Sopexa that sales show France is still the most popular wine-producing country. Italy is next (76% of respondents), and Spain is close behind (71%). But the numbers changed a little when respondents were asked to provide a two-year market forecast. About 80% view France’s lead slipping over the next two years, faced with [...]

Creating the flavors of wine engages more of the brain than any other human experience

“Shepherd argues “creating the flavors of wine engages more of the brain than any other human experience.” Math, music and puzzles intensely use some areas of your brain but do not require integrating as many areas of your brain as tasting wine. Your brain builds its perception of taste through your eyes seeing the wine, fluid biodynamics in your mouth, [...]