A great shopping destination for all thing Italian!

With over 1,300 varieties of wine, beer and liquor labels from 20 regions of Italy, @eastalyla is a great shopping destination for all thing Italian!! In addition, this is the only Eataly location that carries wines outside of Italy…this one carries some great California wines. And don’t even get me started about their food…

For those of us hungry for harmony…

“For those of us hungry for harmony, there is nothing quite like matching your favorite wine with perfectly complementary cheese and charcuterie. No matter the wine and cheese, there are some general rules: creamier, younger cheeses tend to be better with white and sparkling wines, and harder, aged cheeses will pair better with red wine. Either way, a little [...]

Thanksgiving is about family

“Thanksgiving is about family, friends, and eating your own weight in food. I like to drink lighter whites with racy acidity and lighter reds with low tannin; heavier wines would just add to the catatonic state one eats oneself into. As an added benefit, crisp whites make you hungry, and low-tannin reds work really well with turkey. This year [...]

Good Thanksgiving wines can come from anywhere

“Good Thanksgiving wines can come from anywhere, and anybody. They can be red or white, rosé or orange, sparkling or still. As widely as the wines might range, we have, in the panel’s many Thanksgiving run-throughs over the years, consolidated the characteristics that comprise the best Thanksgiving wines.” 🎃 😎😊

Pizza purists head to Naples

“Pizza purists head to Naples for the original Margherita and whisky geeks flock to the Highlands to sip scotch in its birthplace, but to taste wine at its source, you need to visit Georgia, the tiny Caucasian nation that’s been making wine longer than anywhere in the world. Here, tongue-twisting indigenous grapes like rkatsiteli, mtsvane, and saperavi supersede the [...]

Asado – Argentina’s Beef

“And so we have heard, Argentina’s Beef is the best in the world! This was in the back of my mind, forgotten, and I really did not give much thought to how much better the beef would be when traveling to Argentina… until I took the first bite. The best way to give you a perspective on how good is [...]

Short story

“Eleonora’s husband, also partner in Pain et Vin, is Israeli Chef Ohad Weiner, who has become the Master Sourdough Baker providing to many of the hotels and restaurants in Buenos Aires. This Argentine/Israeli love affair rocks the cool casual world of cafés with their top-quality cheeses, gourmet coffees, healthy salads, and scrumptious sandwiches made with Weiner’s fresh-baked sourdough breads… [...]

Excellent, very CREATIVE CUISINE

Excellent, very CREATIVE CUISINE, as seen in this live action pour of a popcorn and herb soup at one of the amazing Downtown Denver restaurants. #downtown #downtowndenver #denver #colorado #creative#cuisine #restaurant #popcorn #soup #ewr