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Pomerol at its best!

Pomerol at its best. Meticulous winemaking by Luc Nubout. With a degree and career as a chemist, Luc returned to the family winery, Château @tailhas, his grandfather purchased. Here he poured his passion into his wines. His old wines are just as fresh as his new wines. Beautiful fruit. Elegant. Delicious.

Saint Emilion!

Located on the right bank just east of the city of Bordeaux, Saint Emilion is filled with charm and history. The entire village of Saint Emilion is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The chateaus are all so unique and producing some of the best wines in France. It is home to a 11 Michelin restaurants (one with ⭐️⭐️ and three [...]


BORDEAUX! We arrived last night and what a great first day. Thank you Lloyd Lippens for your hospitality and a great day of breakfast, lunch and an incredibly fun tasting experience.