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Pavie. The other latest inductee intro the Premier Grand Cru Classé “A” club… Beautiful. Precise. Majestic. Decadent. Rich. Vines pruned to precision. Beautiful cellars. Incredible wines. A visit here and you will understand why they have achieved such honor. EXPLORING WINE REGIONS BORDEAUX 2020

Château Angélus

Angélus . One of the two latest inductees into the Premier Grand Cru Classé “A” club…. Lush. Elegant. Fresh. Traditional. Bold. Yes? Deserving of Premier classification? It was 007 James Bond’s bottle of choice! Did you know they’ve been in 30+ films!?  True! EXPLORING WINE REGIONS BORDEAUX 2020 @ Château Angélus

Château Cheval Blanc!

Cheval Blanc. White Horse. Premier Grand Cru Classé “A”… Extraordinary. Pristine. Meticulous. Classy. Smooth. Magical. Wines and vines. Vat and barrel rooms. All top-notch. If you haven’t tried @chevalblancofficial yet, you must. Comment and share with us what you think about them. EXPLORING WINE REGIONS BORDEAUX 2020 @ Château Cheval Blanc


Heard of these 3? What’s the most important commonality between them? Favorite? Let’s hear your thoughts as we’re working on this section in the book….EXPLORING WINE REGIONS BORDEAUX 2020

Bonsoir and au revoir Bordeaux!

Bonsoir and au revoir Bordeaux. It’s been a wonderful and productive trip. Lots of material for EXPLORING WINE REGIONS BORDEAUX. Lots of great wine. And food. And experiences. Many beautiful new friendship made and connected with old friends. We shall be back very soon.

D’Yquem 1928

d’Yquem 1928 Napoleon proclaimed chateaudyqem as the most expensive wine in 1855 when he established the Grand Cru Classé. Today, Château d’Yquem remains at the top of its class. This bottle can be found in the cellar of lechaponfin