What we do is over-the-top extraordinary…

Creating beautiful books, with spectacular photography and romantic copy. These  coffee-table quality books are also detailed guide books of insider information to plan and experience a unique time exploring wine regions.

Introducing you to the winemakers, chefs, sommeliers, hoteliers, restauranteurs, and outdoor adventurers… who are at the forefront of the winemaking and wine tourism.

Discovering wine and travel goodies… and making them available to you. Handmade corkscrews from Spain. Shipping boxes to bring home wine from your trips. Beautiful wine-bottle travel bags custom made from designer fabrics. Handpicked wines at special prices. Lowest online discounted travel booking search engine. And more…

Orchestrating unique wine trips. Wine tasting with chefs and dining with winemakers… Inviting them together for extraordinary food & wine pairings like none other! An education for all. Attending celebrations as VIPs. Partying with the hosts. Taking part in events better than “back-stage.”

Horseback riding in the vineyards. Exploring grapes and vines with Enologist and Viticulturist. Discovering new varietals. Exploring for unexpected landscapes. Hiking. Rappelling. Whitewater rafting. Finding beauty in and around wineries, vineyards and all over the wine regions. And we capture Spectacular Photography.

We are insatiable! Always looking for more…

About Our Books

Exploring Wine Regions

Exploring Wine Regions is a unique book series that incorporates the beauty of a quality coffee table piece, an elaborate travel guide, an inspiring wine education, spectacular photography, and captivating adventures into the depths of travel, food and wine connoisseurship.

They are the Leading Insiders Guides to exploring the wine regions of the world… uncovering extraordinary winemakers, chefs and sommeliers. They include detailed information to plan and travel to see the most interesting wineries, restaurants and resorts located in these beautiful wine regions. Agronomists, Oenologists, Vintners, Chefs, Sommeliers, and Outdoor Adventurers are interviewed in-depth to give you the inside track to Exploring Wine Regions of the world.

We are producing these guides for the top eleven wine producing countries of the world. Each book covers a country. These world leading countries are… Italy, France, Spain, United States (CA, OR & WA), Argentina (first completed), Chile, Australia, South Africa, China, Germany, and Portugal. And these countries, along with their wine regions, are extraordinary tourism destinations. We bring it all to you.

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Our Author/Photographer

I am a lucky guy… twenty years as the Publisher of Flying Adventures magazine (a lifestyle travel magazine for people who own and travel on private airplanes, and of whom are food & wine connoisseurs), which has lead me to the most amazing wine experiences.

I have been fortunate to taste some of the best wines ever produced, enjoyed dinners and detailed discussions with very famous winemakers and vintners, in their homes, wineries, special wine events, auctions, and I have made wine with them, made my own wine, and have participated in blind tastings, food & wine pairings with celebrity chefs… and I have worked in the vineyards, pruned the vines, picked grapes (eating as I go of course), all this to the point that I know so much about wine that I know I know very little.

So what do I really know? I know I love wine, and I love travel! And I know enough to know where to look, and what to look for, what questions to ask, how to understand complex answers, and I have developed a palate to experience wine, and food, in an extraordinary way.

I am traveling the world Exploring Wine Regions, finding interesting and unusual wine experiences, an insiders concierge to share special and hard to find gems and travel experiences with you. Please enjoy with me.

Happy Tastings
Michael Higgins